Amin Hemmati

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currentOct 2019

Full stack developer

MadresePlus (remote)
  • Database structure design and implementation with Postgres
  • Implement core web service with Django framework
  • Design the appearance of the site and the student panel with Bootstrap and django templates
  • Write the REST APIs to service the Android application and Adviser panel
  • Set up a Linux server and configure its various parts to be functional
Aug 2020Sep 2019

Back-end Developer

NiniPay (Tehran, Iran)
  • E-commerce development with Django framework
  • Development of a sales reporting system
  • Add a section for selling baby clothes in website, admin panel, and REST APIs
  • Add Drop Shipping system and shipping management panel
  • Add a seller user type. Seller can access to a personal panel to manage shopping requests
  • Development of Restful API to connect to Android application and React client
Sep 2019Oct 2017

Full stack developer and system admin

Techchi (Tehran, Iran)
  • Implement the appearance of the website with Bootstrap
  • Web service development with Django framework to manage users and submit articles and news in CMS
  • Design and implementation of internal and external network with Cisco devices
  • Secure the entire network and servers of the company

Selected Projects

currentSep 2020

Back-end Developer

Perfect System (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Design and implementation of E-learning system with Django framework
  • Set up a web service on an Ubuntu server and use the SSL certificate for secure communication
  • Implement the service as a RESTful API
  • Sales system and payment by invoice or connection to VISA & Master Card, Paypal or Kelarna
May 2020Feb 2020

Full stack developer

Ramsist (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Implement the appearance of the website and user panel with Bootstrap
  • Design and implement a web service structure with Django
  • Run the project on Windows Server


currentSep 2017

Computer Engineering

Shiraz University

Software Computer Engineering
Do some projects for Programming and other lessons. You can see them in my GitHub account

Jun 2012Sep 2008

Math Diploma

Allameh Tabatabaee

Massive Online Course (selective list)

  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
    (Arjang Institute)
  • CCNA 210-260
    (Rayan College)
  • CCNA 200-125
    (Rayan College)
  • Network+
    (Rayan College)
  • Web Design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    (Birjand University)